LuMin - Austin

What's happenin'...

Sunday Worship -  The 14th Sunday after Pentecost: "False religiosity put on notice."

How is Christ speaking to us who exist in a world where religiosity, i.e. church customs, worship styles, and false piety (a.k.a. "godliness") wins out over what TRULY matters to God?


Come sing, pray, listen, taste, and see that the LORD is forming LuMin to work for the Common Good. To assure safe reception of communion, sanitizer and disposable cups will be provided; we require face-masks to be worn throughout worship.


NOTE: We're changing our worship location. We'll gather in the St. Martin's nave located at 606 W 15th St. See map below to locate where to enter.

Daily Bread

LuMin is a place that tries to help our students as much as we can. Our Daily Bread pantry is a place where students can come if they are running low on groceries or simply in need of some extra food.

Time and Place:

  6 PM - 9 PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120


Tailgate Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, the LuMin community goes curbside to show all y'all Longhorns that Lutherans "give a flip." This week's menu: Burgers of both the carnivorous and herbivorous kind.

Time and Place:

  5ish - 7 PM @ 2100 San Antonio, Suite 120

We are in the process of learning how to faithfully schedule and serve YOU!

Thus, if you're wondering where all our usual events have gone,

 know that we're presently inviting Austin-area college students to

participate in a Fall Activities Survey/Form.

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